if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him

I wish I had the courage to be an absolute nobody

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My favourite place in Paris. (at Basilique Du Sacré Coeur, Montmartre)


 *intensely doesnt care*

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"Те, кого трудно любить, обычно нуждаются в этом больше всех."

- К/ф “Мирный воин” (via you-wanna-rock)


Marisha Pessl, Night Film

Austria | Hannes Brandstätter

» [61/100] photos of James McAvoy

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - Courtyard of Justice, The Alhambra, Granada, 1909

{ little boathouse on the lake }

2012 Perseid Meteor Shower over Denver Colorado

James does the thing. x

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"I think if you don’t really like a girl, you shouldn’t horse around with her at all, and if you do like her, then you’re supposed to like her face, and if you like her face, you ought to be careful about doing crumby stuff to it, like squirting water all over it. It’s really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes."

- J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye  (via wordsnquotes)

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Untitled by Oleg

Before the Rooster Crows by Jim Nilsen